Representative Director’s Greeting

Born in Hokkaido
Graduated from Chuo University Department of Economics
1994 - 1998
Employed by North Pacific Bank
1999 - 2007
Employed by various auditing firms in Sapporo
Established independent business

We have established our operations in the center of the business district of Sapporo, Hokkaido. On the same floor, we have two certified public tax accountants, as well as two attorneys, four judicial scriveners, and one labor and social security attorney, making us the largest, most comprehensive office in Hokkaido.

Our practice is not limited to taxation and accounting, and we can provide support for all types of client concerns related to business administration, including procedures related to establishing a new company, solutions to legal problems related to business administration and labor, real property and commercial registration, and administrative consulting, including profitability improvement and financing.

Our most valued role as a business is not “providing our work,” but rather “providing value.” Using our work to help all of our clients to earn more profit while also gaining a sense of satisfaction is both our mission and our joy. We are a group of truly professional experts.

Business Credo


To bring happiness to the small and medium-sized businesses of Hokkaido.

Management Philosophy

  • As taxation and accounting professionals, we intend to provide solutions for the financial issues faced by the small and medium-sized businesses of Hokkaido, contributing to their ongoing development.
  • We intend to act as trusted advisors to business administrators, offering appropriate solution strategies to fit any and every possible management issue.


We intend to realize the dream of helping 500 companies in Hokkaido to become profitable.

Representative Director’s Commitments

  • 1.Commitment to Society

    We will make a smooth transition to the next generation of workers, passing on the noble ambitions and superior technical skill that we have cultivated over years of experience.

  • 2.Commitment to My Clients

    ・I will continue to nurture a staff that is filled with enthusiasm and pride in their work, all in the hope that our clients will feel that involving North Brain Co. in their affairs was the best decision they could have made.

    ・While I aim for us to be Hokkaido’s No. 1 consulting firm, not merely in name but in reality; as a manager, I will devote myself to continuing to provide high levels of added value to the businesses of Hokkaido, my beloved home.

  • 3.Commitment to My Staff

    ・I aim to create a workplace environment in which all members can learn and grow together through the daily discipline of hard work.

    ・I will create a workplace that my employees can look back on with pride even decades in the future and feel that working at North Brain Co. was truly a good decision.

Corporation Profile

Corporation Name
North Brain Tax Accountant’s Corporation
Haruki Maejima, Certified Public Tax Accountant, Representative Director
Harukiyo Tobita, Certified Public Tax Accountant, Member
Address and Contact Information
060-0061 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo-ku, South 1,
West 4-5-1 Otemachi Building, 8F
Company History
July 2007
Established privately as the Office of Haruki Maejima, Certified Public Tax Accountant
January 2009
Added an administrative scrivener's office
December 2010
Established as a tax accountant’s corporation.
January 2011
Relocated to our current offices (South 1, West 4, Otemachi Building, 8F)
Associated Corporations (All of which are located at the same address.)
  • North Brain Trust Co., Ltd.

    ・Administrative Consulting Services

    ・International Business Matching Consulting Services

  • Legal Office Kant

    ・Consultation about the laws of Japan

    ・Support in legal disputes

  • Judicial Scrivener’s Corporation A.I. Global

    ・Real property registration

    ・Commercial registration

  • Office of Aki, Labor and Social Security Attorney

    ・Procedures related to the employment of laborers

    ・Procedures related to the receipt of public subsidies

  • Office of Haruki Maejima, Administrative Scrivener

    ・Preparation of articles of association, official documents, et cetera

    ・Applications for public permits

Business Outline

Administrative procedures

We represent clients in procedures such as commercial registration for the establishment of new companies, employment and regular tax procedures, et cetera, at tax offices, labor bureaus, and other government offices.

  • ・Procedures for the establishment of stock companies and limited liability companies.

    • Certification of articles of association
    • Registration of the establishment of new companies
    • All types of official notifications made to government tax offices related to the above
    • Employment procedures (notifications for social insurance & labor insurance) related to the above
  • ・Final returns for corporate tax, consumption tax, and local tax

  • ・All other types of notifications made to government offices


We offer advice on such topics as day to day accounting entries and the computation of wages, represent clients in various operations, and prepare statements of accounts according to appropriate standards of accounting.

  • ・Support clients as they begin to use new accounting software
  • ・Support clients as they build accounting systems
  • ・Represent clients in the preparation of accounting registers
  • ・Preparation of financial statements

Administrative Counseling

We provide support for clients as they work toward the goal of smooth business administration, covering such areas as: securing financing from financial and public institutions, and improving their overall financial conditions.

  • ・Support for clients with financing (bank financing, public subsidies, et cetera)
  • ・Estimates of profit-and-loss, financing, and investments
  • ・Improvement of profit-and-loss and balance sheets

International Taxation

We provide solutions to the various problems that arise in association with international transactions, including the international taxes between two countries, wages and insurance for individuals living overseas, and dealing with taxation authorities regarding tax avoidance problems.